Carers caught holding down a dementia patient’s head and putting pillow on her face after son installs secret camera (video)

Carers caught holding down a dementia patient



A shocking video captured the horrific cruelty meted out on a 92-year-old dementia patient by her careers.


The patient had her head held down and her broken leg pinned to the bed in a shocking footage. But a magistrate has ruled that her carers did nothing wrong and threw the case out.


According to the JP, the case with the carers and the elderly woman can be likened to dealing with a difficult child.


Jean Robin’s son Ed had set up the secret camera in her room at the Morrison Lodge nursing home in Perth, Australia, after noticing a decline in his mother’s dementia and her recent broken leg.


She would often forget she couldn’t walk and would try to get out of bed. On one occasion the video captured her lying on the floor for 20 minutes, calling out in pain before somebody came.


The most distressing scenes show Mrs Robins being pushed into the bed by her head as she puts her hands out to defend herself. And in another clip, as she cried out a pillow was put over her face.


Carers caught holding down a dementia patient


Mr Robins told ABC news in Australia:

Mum was in pain, obviously, putting her hands up to protect herself, and they’re throwing her leg in.

He took the footage to police and the two carers were charged with 12 counts of assault. But in March this year magistrate Gregory Smith acquitted them of all charges, finding that the carers were “run off their feet” and Mrs Robins was “often violent and abusive towards staff.”

He added:

Perhaps if I were to give a quick example, placing of a two-year-old or a three-year-old into a car seat and trying to get their seatbelt done up.

If that child is compliant, then some force is needed, but not much.If the child is resisting, then more force is needed.

If the child is throwing a complete tantrum, then obviously extra force is needed to achieve what has to be achieved.

Mr Robins was shocked and the case was covered this week by ABC’s Four Corners current affairs programme.

Watch the video below.


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