Controversial Church Which Organises Services With Beer In Bars, Conducts Burial For Member.

A controversial church which is known for conducting services in bars/taverns and with alcohol, has held a burial ceremony for one of its members.

The South African church known as Gabola Church of God recently announced it was working on its own version of the bible which shocked people all over.

Now they bury the dead. The church says they do this and no cost to the families.

According to church founder Pope Tsietsi Makiti, it was their fifth funeral in which they were asked by the families to bury their dead for them.

He also added that they had already married two couples who are still happily married.

He said they do all these at no cost because they are a church for the people.

“In most cases churches charge people so that they can bury for them, how do you charge a grieving, poor, hurting family?

“This is not a church of booze and taverns only because we care about our people and families,” said Church leader Pope Tsietsi Makiti.

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