”Don’t give defectors undue advantage – Ahmed Makarfi warns PDP leaders



Former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) caretaker chairman, Senator Ahmed Makarfi has cautioned the leadership of the party against giving undue advantage to those defecting from APC to their party. The former two-term governor of Kaduna State, said this when he addressed the leadership of the Kogi State chapter of the party and other stakeholders in Lokoja on Friday August 3rd. He was there to present his presidential ambition to the party members in the state.

Ahmed stressed that if not for the steadfastness of committed members, PDP could have become history.

“Some people when you pinch them like this (touching his arm), they will run to another party. When the going was tough, I stayed on… but you accept them into your house and give them your guest room. Next, they take the Master Bedroom; next, they drive you out of your house. We must not allow this, nor give undue advantage to them, so that we do not alienate our people. Modu Sheriff was brought from another party; they said he had three jets; he had billions, but what did he do? He was taking the party down, but I, the ‘bush boy,’ with the support of others, I was able to make members close ranks, and today, we can all see”, he said.

On the current administration and how the government relates with members of the opposition, Ahmed said

“What I tell you is that now, if you’re in power, you’re right; if you’re in opposition, you’re wrong. We must get to a level in Nigeria where if you’re a president, a governor, you can be charged for wrongdoing; not you being in power and witch-hunting every other person. That is turning Nigeria into a ‘Banana Republic’. We must therefore restructure our institutions. Gentlemen, a tree does not make a forest…they will come with bags of money. Collect, but do the right thing. There is no receipt” he said

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