‘My Husband Slept At His Lover’s Place, Lied He Was Attending Vigil – Woman Tells Court.

A businessman, Kehinde Kareem has approached Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, praying that it separates him and his wife, Morufat Kareem.

Kehinde prayed for divorce on the grounds that his wife was troublesome and has almost snuffed life out of him.

The plaintiff further appealed to the court, if his prayer was answered, to grant him custody of their three children.

Morufat did not accede to divorce and also refused that her husband had custody of their children. “My lord, if I go back home with my wife, she will kill me, “Kehinde said.

“I have never met a woman as troublesome as she is. She nags and fights over trivial issues. Our neighbours and family members are always mediating in our differences and are obviously fed up with her shameful behaviour.

“I have constantly made her welfare and that of our children a priority and have never for once failed in my duties as husband and father towards them.

“We once had a brawl and she turned the whole compound upside down. She created a scene and refused to be pacified. This brought about a strain in our relationship which prompted my family members to intervene.

“My lord, as they were making attempts to establish peace between us, she got up from where she was sitting and in anger slapped me.

“My parents in particular were stunned at her reaction while I felt humiliated. I can’t remember ever raising my hand to hit her.

“I want her out of my house and life since she has turned a thorn in the flesh. My health is at risk and I don’t pray to die in my prime.

“I further appeal to the court, if my prayer is answered, to grant me custody of our three children, “he said. “My lord, he’s a liar and all he had said are lies. He gave me N15, 000 for food only once.

“He wants to throw me out of his house because of his new wife. He once beat me mercilessly till I fainted because of her. “He suddenly stopped sleeping at home in the night with the excuse that he was attending a vigil. He sounded strange but I kept mute.

“I became suspicious and insisted I was attending the prayer with him on a particular night. We both left but he stopped on the way and said he just remembered the prayer meeting had been postponed to the following day.

“We returned home but he refused to sleep but glued to his phone. He went to the back of the house and was talking and apologising to a particular person for long. I later learnt he was sleeping with another woman, “the defendant stated.

“He eventually introduced his new wife to me but promised not to bring her home to live with us. He would stay with her for as long as two weeks before coming back home.

“Any time I raised the issue, he would fight me and starve our children.

“His wife insisted on moving in with us and he supported her. Whenever he raised the issue and I refused, he would beat me and leave me with bruises.

“His wife moved in at the end of the day and he abandoned me and our children. He would give his wife feeding allowance but ignored me.

“He bought a ram during the last Ileya festival but refused to kill it until few days after the festival when his second wife held a meeting.

“His second wife curried the favour of his mother and siblings and they all ganged up against me. His mother stopped eating my food while the eldest of his sisters told him to drag me to court for divorce and this he has done, “she concluded.

Ruling after he had listened to both parties, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade dissolved their wedlock.

Odunade granted custody of their three children to the defendant and mandated the plaintiff to pay the sum of N12, 000 monthly through the court as their children’s feeding allowance.

He further ordered the defendant to give the plaintiff N3, 000 to pack her belongings from his house.

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