Welcome to the Ovulation Method, the most widely used method of natural family planning in the world, because it is simple to learn, statistically more effective than any other natural or artificial method of birth control and it has had the most scientific research of any method in the world.


Billing O.M. teaches a woman to recognize in her body one sign which tells her clearly, and without doubt that her ovulation is coming soon. This is the mucus sign.  It is the only sign which is specific for ovulation and it is also the only sign used in O.M. If a contraceptive is used in conjunction with the mucus sign it is no longer Billing Ovulation Method.

O.M. is not the Old Safe Period or Rhythm method. It does not make use of the thermometer, calendar, pills, coil, “rubber” (condom) or barrier methods.


All women can be taught O.M. neither the presence of completely irregular menses or persistent vaginal discharge creates a problem. Thousand of completely illiterate women are using it successfully in many countries. The one big requirement is the determination to learn it and to keep the rules.

A recent W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) report stated that O.M. is unsuitable for only one woman out of every 300, an encouraging statement. A book of this nature tries to cater for all the circumstances which can influence a woman’s ovulation at various stages in her life. This overall coverage can give a false impression of complexity, but for a particular woman, at a particular time, Billings O.M. is simple. Women have a natural understanding of the mucus sign once it has been pointed out to them.


The aim is to promote happy marriages in the following ways:

  1. Helping the childless to achieve pregnancy.
  2. Helping couples to live happily together while their baby is breastfeeding.
  3. Spacing out babies as desired.
  4. The preselection of the sex of the baby in countries where the absence of a baby boy causes serious marital unhappiness and even marriage breakdown.
  5. Uniting husband and wife in greater love and enabling them to understand their combined fertility.


The most successful way of learning O.M. is through personal instruction of husband and wife by either a woman instructor or an instructor couple, preferably the latter. It is my experience that many men very quickly imbibe a natural intuition about the mucus sign (the basis of O.M.) through their wives, and then they can make very good instructors indeed. But, by and large, men, even male married doctors, do not obtain good results with O.M. until they have attended a full training course together with their wives.

Billings O.M. is 99% successful if the rules are fully observed after adequate instruction.



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