Passenger Killed After Fatal Accident Along Benin-Ore Expressway. (Photos)

At least one person was killed in a fatal accident two days ago along Benin-Ore road to Lagos. According to reports, the accident occurred after tow two vehicles collided with each other on the highway after one of the vehicles decided to follow one way.

It was confirmed that one person was killed on the spot and many other passengers badly injured after the crash.

Earlier this month, an undergraduate student of Abia State University was one of two people who lost their lives in an accident on Benin-Ore Road.

A witness stated that the ‘Young Shall Grow’ bus left Abia State and was heading to Lagos, when the accident occurred.

According to him, Uju Josiah and a man whose identity had not yet been ascertained, who was sitting beside her, were the two casualties, while others sustained injuries in the incident.

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