Sweden bans backyard barbecues in battle against wildfire outbreak




Wildfire-hit Sweden is warning its citizens against having barbecues — even in their own back gardens.

The country, known for its mild climate, is gripped by a heatwave and battling an outbreak of wildfires.

Some of the blazes have broken out as far north as the Arctic Circle.

In a bid to reduce the risk of any further wildfires breaking out, authorities have banned residents from having barbecues in public areas.

But Sweden’s Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) told Euronews it is also telling citizens to refrain from lighting up grills in their backyards.

A spokesman for MSB did clarify, however, that there might be regional variations in observing this ban.

Authorities said on Thursday there were 23 wildfires ablaze in Sweden.

It came as Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute predicted rain for parts of the country over the coming weekend.

Sweden has had its driest weather in the May to mid-July period since records began.

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