Transgender Soldier Reportedly Having An ‘Affair With Another Soldier’s Wife’. Photos

A Scots Guard who was unveiled by the British Army as its first female on the front line after changing sex is having an ‘affair’ with another soldier’s wife, it was claimed last night.

Chloe Allen and Sophie Gray

The Mail on Sunday understands Guardsman Chloe Allen, 26, is living with married teaching assistant Sophie Gray, who helped the soldier to apply her make-up soon after telling military chiefs that she wanted to live as a woman.

The rifleman, who has guarded the Queen and marched at Trooping the Colour, made headlines in 2016 when the Ministry of Defence proudly announced she would continue in a combat role as a female, having served as a man for four years.

In a series of TV interviews, Chloe, from Penrith, Cumbria, said she was honoured to become the first woman in Army history to be allowed to fight on the front line.

But now The Mail on Sunday has been told Sophie’s devastated husband intends to name Chloe in divorce papers citing his wife’s infidelity as the reason for the breakdown of their marriage.

The legal move will embarrass top brass, who in 2016 used Chloe’s decision to transition from male to female to showcase the Army’s commitment to diversity and equality.

At the time, Commander of the Field Army, General Sir James Everard, applauded her courage and wished the ‘trendsetter’ every success.

The MoS understands Sergeant Mark Gray, 37, who was with Sophie for ten years, spoke about Chloe’s relationship with his wife to his superiors, as under military law soldiers are not supposed to have affairs with other troops’ partners.

But according to sources, senior officers declined to take action against Chloe.

Sgt Gray, from Reading, previously served in the Scots Guards and has friends in Chloe’s battalion. Colleagues were concerned about the impact of his wife’s new relationship on his emotional welfare.

A Guards source said: ‘Mark is distressed and feels Chloe played him for a fool by having an affair with Sophie while maintaining that Sophie was only helping her learn how to present herself as a woman and wear make-up.

‘Had Mark shacked up with another guardsman’s wife, he’d have been charged with breaching disciplinary rules and been in deep trouble, whereas nothing appears to have happened to Chloe despite her affair with Mark’s wife.’

The Army championed Chloe as its first transgender frontline soldier in September 2016, two months after a historic rule change which allowed women to serve in combat units for the first time.

At the same time she also began hormone therapy, the first stage of the sex-change process.

Chloe, who joined the Scots Guards as Ben Allen in 2012, decided to transition after being caught cross-dressing before she guarded a Royal palace.

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