Woman Whose Boyfriend Is 18 Years Old Her Junior Is Mistaken For His Mom.

A woman dating a man 18 years her junior says she is fed up with being mistaken for his mother. Cree Ingles, 49, has been dating Aaron Johnson, 31, for seven years after meeting as next-door neighbours.

But Cree insists Aaron pursued her and strongly denies being a “cougar”.

The YouTube personality is now so irritated with being mistaken as her partner’s mum she wants to stress “love is love”.

“It’s nobody’s business what you do behind closed doors, and if they want to make it their business they need to look inside their own lives and fix their issues before judging others,” Cree, of Eugene, Oregon, USA, today said.

She added: “I don’t claim the title of cougar because he came after me, with a vengeance.

“I thought I was just messing around with the neighbour kid when he went there and made it obvious he was interested in me.

“Some people do assume that I’m his mum but we both quickly let them know that we are together.

“We have been in funny situations because the people are so embarrassed, or they are just flat out rude and stop speaking to us after we say we’re together. That’s really their issue and not ours. Love is love. Love is hard enough to find without putting restrictions on it.

“At first it felt weird because I felt like everybody was judging me, but now we just go about our day and don’t worry about it.

“A common misconception is our relationship is completely about sex. You don’t stay together with someone for over seven years and it just be about sex.”

However, Cree does admit Aaron “doesn’t know what she’s talking about” with some references to 1970s and 1980s pop culture.

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